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Listening Comprehension of newly immigrated students

Despite its relevance for everyday communication and educational processes, listening comprehension has been studied less frequently than other linguistic competences (Eckard 2010; Imhof 2010; Dietz 2017; Namaziandost et al. 2019). However, there are no studies on the development of listening skills among newly immigrated students.

The sub-project Listening Comprehension of newly immigrated students addresses this gap by asking:

  • How proficient are newly immigrated students in their listening comprehension (in terms of both size and depth of comprehension) in German, English and their family language Russian?
  • What is the role of individual differences, and how do their comprehension skills change over time?

Listening comprehension will be tapped at multiple time points through multiple-choice questions about audio texts and retrospective questions on strategy use within a subgroup of the overall project Language Development of newly immigrated students in Mainstream Education.

At a glance


The aim of the project is to track the development of listening comprehension performance of newly immigrated student.


February 2021 to December 2022

Project management

Dr. Evghenia Goltsev

Project team

Anastasia Knaus