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Scoping Review:

Development of Linguistic and Subject Competencies of Newly Arrived Students

In the context of current migration dynamics, numerous young people are coming to Germany. This entails not only an increase in the number of students, but also in the linguistic and cultural diversity at schools. These changes require new adequate processes for the development of education in schools. So far, however, there is only little research and information on the linguistic performance of newly immigrated students in German-speaking countries, nor has the existing evidence ever been reviewed systematically.

This is where the current project comes in: the aim is to systematically collect and review all research studies on the assessment of the linguistic and subject performance data and its development. A scoping review is particularly well suited for this purpose: in a first step, research and selection criteria will be defined and, in a second step, all studies will be reviewed and their results summarised. To complete the picture, connections to ongoing and not yet published studies will be drawn. The goal to provide a replicable and updatable overview of the evidence on the linguistic and subject competencies of newly immigrated students in Germany.

At a glance


The aim of the project is to provide an overview of current findings on the linguistic and subject competencies of newly immigrated students in in German-speaking countries Germany.


September 2020 to May 2021

Project management

Prof. Dr. Evghenia Goltsev (Universität Koblenz)

Project team

Jun.-Prof. Nora von Dewitz
Anne Raveling

Project publications

Goltsev, Evghenia/von Dewitz, Nora (2023): Studien zu schulisch relevanten Kompetenzen neu zugewanderter Schüler*innen. Ein Scoping Review zur aktuellen Forschungslandschaft. Zeitschrift für interkulturellen Fremdsprachenunterricht, 267-288.