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Language Awareness of newly immigrated students

Multilinguals have cross-linguistic skills in addition to their proficiencies in each of their languages. In particular, these cross-linguistic skills include multilinguals’ so-called language awareness that will be investigated in the current project. There are various definitions for language awareness, such as the one used by the National Congress on Language Education (1985): "Language awareness is a person's sensitivity to and conscious perception of the nature of language and its role in human life" (for an overview, see e.g. Tajmel 2017).

The current project investigates newly immigrated students’ cross-linguistic skills such as language awareness in comparison to those of mainstream students.

At a glance


The aim is to analyze the language awareness in newly immigrated students.


February 2021 to December 2023

Project management

Dr. Teresa Barberio

Project team

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Nora von Dewitz
Dr. Stefanie Bredthauer

Cooperation partner

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Evghenia Goltsev (University of Regensburg)