Language and Education System

Zoé Dede

Research Associate

Zoé Dede studied Educational Science, Linguistics, and Phonetics, and German Studies in Cologne and Bonn University. In 2019 she completed her Master of Arts in German Studies with a focus on Linguistics. Her primary focus was on literate culture, literacy, and the acquisition of reading and writing. During her studies she also taught German as a foreign language. After completing her studies, she worked as lecturer in an institution of adult education. Her main task was teaching German and German as a foreign language. As of August 2020, she has been employed by the Mercator Institute, working in the EdToolS project which is funded by the Ministry of Education and Science. Aside from writing, she is also interested in Digital Literacy.


18 (Buildung: Gebäude 210 (Bauwens-Gebäude), Richard-Strauss-Straße 2, 50931 Köln)