Language and Education System

Sonja Sieger

Research Associate

Phone: 49 (0) 221-470 76070

Sonja Sieger studied psychology at the FernUniversität in Hagen, as well as educational science with a focus on psychology at the TU Dortmund. She then received her master's degree in educational science at the University of Cologne, focusing on intercultural communication and education as well as early childhood education. Since 2019, she has been working as a research assistant at the Mercator Institute for Literacy and Language Education at the University of Cologne, initially in a dissertations project on language education in early childhood education, and then as part of the joint state and federal initiative Education through Language and Literacy (BiSS). Since 2020, she has been part of the joint initiative Transfer of Language Education, Reading and Writing Support (BiSS-Transfer) as a research associate.


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