Qualification opportunities

for students, teachers and educational staff

In order to give children and young people the best possible support in their linguistic development, the Mercator Institute for Literacy and Language promotes the qualification of teachers and educators in many ways. At the University of Cologne (UoC), the institute is responsible for the module "German for Migrant Students", which is compulsory for all student teachers in North Rhine-Westphalia.“ It also offers a continued education programme, a programme for refugee teachers.

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Module "German for Migrant Students"
at the University of Cologne (in German)

Since 2009, the module "German for Migrant Students" (DaZ module) has been mandatory for students of all teaching professions and school types. At the University of Cologne, the responsibility and realization of the DaZ module lies with the Mercator Institute. Students can find all relevant information here.


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LehrkräftePLUS Köln

The programme enables refugee teachers to expand their linguistic and professional knowledge and gain practical experience at schools.