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Joint project language education

Given that every third child grows up with a recent migrant background (Statistisches Bundesamt, 2017), teachers are facing increasingly multilingual and diverse classrooms, often with little practice and little theoretical background knowledge. Aiming to prepare teaching students for the increasingly diverse classroom and seeing the need for the inclusion of practical and theoretical elements in teacher education, the joint project language education connects teacher education in the context of German as a second language with the language education of newly arrived migrant students.

The main goals are:

  • A teacher education that allows the teaching students to apply theory to practice
  • Supporting schools in the language education of their students
  • Empirical research in a multilingual context and in the context of German as a second language

The joint project language education consists of four individual projects which react to the different challenges that teachers face when working with students with German as a second language. Depending on the language competence and the year group of the students, the projects have differing methodical and didactic focuses.
The teaching students are qualified in Bachelor and Master seminars prior and/or parallel to the teaching interventions. As well as getting an insight into the acquisition of German as a second and foreign language, special needs treatment and lesson planning, the teaching students are made more sensitive to intercultural differences.

At a glance


The main aim is to ensure a teacher education that is grounded in theory as well as allowing the teaching students to directly apply theory to practice. Furthermore, the joint project language education aims to help schools with the language education of their students.


Mercator-Institute for Literacy and Language Education
Literatur Didactics at the IDSL II
ZMI (Zentrum für Mehrsprachigkeit und Integration Köln)
ZuS (Zukunftsstrategie Lehrer*innenbildung der Universität zu Köln)

Funded by

Annemarie und Helmut Börner-Stiftung, Köln (for the project Ferienschule)
Harald und Hilde Neven DuMont-Stiftung, Köln (for the project Ferienschule)


since 2002

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Michael Becker-Mrotzek

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